At LM8 Solar we are official Aiko distributors and we have a specialized technical team that can help you with more information about ABC panels. Call us!

AIKO: Innovation and technology

Founded in 2009, Aiko Solar is a leading developer and manufacturer of new technologies for the energy sector. With a mission to "power the transformation to a carbon-free era", Aiko continues to pursue innovation and cutting-edge technology.

With more than 100 GW worldwide and 1042 registered patents, the company specialises in the manufacture of photovoltaic cells and modules, as well as solar energy storage solutions.

All Back Contact Technology

In 2022, Aiko was the first manufacturer to launch the world's first ABC module. ABC technology combines N-type solar cells with passivation and back contact structures, resulting in the most efficient panels on the market, exceeding 23% power conversion efficiency. This milestone was recognised in 2023, when the ABC module was awarded the Innovative Solar Technology Award at Intersolar.

In addition to the advanced technology and rigid quality control of the products, Aiko photovoltaic modules are striking for their aesthetic component. The panels were developed to maintain harmony with the design of most buildings. LM8 Solar is an official distributor of Aiko and has a specialised technical team that can help you with more information about the ABC panels. Call us!

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