N-Type ABC Series AIKO-A445-MAH54Mb

N-Type ABC Series AIKO-A445-MAH54Mb

Aiko N-type ABC Series solar panels are the cutting edge in photovoltaic technology, standing out for their exceptional design and performance. In 2023 they were awarded the Innovative Solar Technology Award at Intersolar. The innovative ABC (All Back Contact) technology of Aiko panels maximizes power conversion and efficiency, reaching up to 22.8% in the 445W modules. Furthermore, its degradation rate is, in the first year, less than 1%, and over the next 30 years, it is 0.35%. Contact us for more information.
Why choose Aiko?

With more than 100 GW distributed around the world and 1,042 registered patents, the company specializes in the manufacturing of photovoltaic cells and modules. In 2022, Aiko was the first manufacturer to launch the ABC module in the world. ABC technology combines N-type solar cells with passivation and back contact contact structures, resulting in the most efficient panels on the market, exceeding 24% conversion power.

Full Black Module

Aiko Full Black solar panels were designed to blend harmoniously with most buildings. They differ from others because they combine aesthetic sense with the highest product quality. Without grid lines on the front of the module and completely black, they are the ideal option for self-consumption projects.

Product Details


N-type ABC
up to 22,8%
Number of cells
1722x1134x35 mm
21,6 kg
Product warranty
15 years
Performance warranty
30 years