N-Type ABC Series AIKO-A450-MAH54Mw

N-Type ABC Series AIKO-A450-MAH54Mw

Aiko panels with ABC technology are leaders in solar innovation. Equipped with advanced N-type ABC technology, these panels offer an efficiency of up to 23%. In addition, they have a 15-year product warranty and a 30-year production warranty. This single-facial module measures 1722x1134x35mm, is versatile and ideal for homes and small commercial projects. Aiko panels with ABC technology are the perfect choice for those looking for exceptional performance and long-term durability.
Why choose Aiko?

Aiko is a leading company in the photovoltaic sector, committed to the green revolution and sustainable energy. With a relentless dedication to innovation and quality, Aiko has set an exceptional standard in the industry. Its focus is to develop cutting-edge solar technologies, designed to maximize efficiency and minimize environmental impact. They offer high-performance photovoltaic solutions, from solar panels to complete systems, tailored to specific customer needs. Aiko stands out as a trusted reference in creating a cleaner and more sustainable future.

The most efficient panels on the market

Aiko has exceeded market expectations by launching, in 2022, modules with All Back Contact (ABC) technology. What differentiates Aiko panels from other N-type panels is the improvement in efficiency, temperature coefficient and reliability, resulting in greater energy production capacity during the product life cycle.

Product Details


N-type ABC
up to 23%
Number of cells
1722x1134x35 mm
21,6 kg
Product warranty
15 years
Performance warranty
30 years