LM8 Solar is a global wholesale distribution company of photovoltaic solar materials. With extensive industry experience, we specialize in selling top-brand solar panels. We are official distributors of Canadian Solar, Jinko Solar, Iberian Solar, Sharp, SolaX Power, Sungrow, and Sunfer.

Reasons to choose LM8 SOLAR


Working with the main manufacturers of photovoltaic products worldwide: high quality and great performance.


We have the certificates for each market. Guarantee of photovoltaic panels of 25 years of production and 10 years of product.


Being a benchmark and always offering the most competitive prices on the market.


With extensive experience in logistics, we can customs procedures for each operation. Experts in both export and import.


We have a warehouse with constant stock in order to provide a quick solution to our customers. We ship solar panels all over the world in the shortest time possible.


Offering the best customer support,and always providing a solution for each requirement.

We are official distributors of the best brands

LM8 Solar is an official distributor of the best brands of solar panels and photovoltaic material, we are certified as an official distributor of:

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