SGCX Sungrow SG125CX-P2

SGCX Sungrow SG125CX-P2

The Sungrow inverter is an excellent option for large solar photovoltaic installations. This is a three-phase grid-connected inverter, with a plug and play function that makes it easy to install. In addition, it has real-time monitoring and a network fault logging function, making it a very simple option for remote maintenance and operation. With these features, the Sungrow inverter is an ideal choice for those looking for a reliable and efficient solution for their solar energy project.
Why choose Sungrow?

Sungrow Power is a leading company in the renewable energy industry, specializing in the development and manufacturing of solar photovoltaic solutions. Founded in 1997, Sungrow has become one of the world's leading solar inverter suppliers and has established a global presence in more than 150 countries. With a wide range of high-quality products and services, the company is dedicated to providing efficient and reliable renewable energy solutions for customers around the world. Their commitment to innovation and sustainability has led them to be recognized as one of the leaders in the clean energy industry.

What is the advantage of having more MPPT inputs on inverters?

Tener más entradas MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) en un inversor solar permite que el sistema sea más eficiente y aproveche al máximo la energía solar disponible. Cada entrada MPPT puede monitorear y ajustar la producción de energía de un conjunto de paneles solares, lo que permite que los paneles trabajen a su máximo rendimiento incluso en diferentes condiciones de sombreado o inclinación. Con más entradas MPPT, el inversor puede manejar múltiples arreglos de paneles solares de manera más eficiente y optimizada, lo que puede aumentar la producción de energía solar y reducir los costos a largo plazo del sistema.

Product Details


1019x793x360 mm
87 kg
Product warranty
5 years (expandable)
Nº of MPPTs/strings
Start output voltage
Tipo de inversor

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