N-Type ABC Series AIKO-A615-MAH72Mw

N-Type ABC Series AIKO-A615-MAH72Mw

Aiko N-Type 600W photovoltaic modules are ideal for large photovoltaic installations. With efficiency of 23.8%, temperature coefficient -0.26%/ºC, ABC technology, degradation in the first year less than or equal to 1% and from the second year up to 30 years less than 0.35%, the panels Aiko are a perfect option for those looking for advanced technology and unique design. Our technical team can help you solve all your questions about Aiko modules, contact us.
Why choose Aiko?

Winner of the Intersolar award with the Innovative Solar Technology Award 2023, Aiko specializes in the research and development of new technologies for the energy sector. Its N-type modules, with All Back Contact technology, are the most efficient on the market, reaching up to 24%. In addition to the commitment to the quality of its products, its design attracts the attention of those seeking harmony between panels and buildings.

ABC Technology (All Back Contact)

ABC technology allows the bus-bars, which are the metal contacts that electrically join the cells that make up the photovoltaic panel, to be placed at the rear. This allows the solar collection surface to be maximized, by eliminating the space occupied by these elements on the front of the cells, as well as minimizing the reflection produced by the panel, which translates into a performance increase of up to 7%. Additionally, the design of these cells allows the electrical and optical technology of the product to be differentiated, so research can be carried out separately in both fields, facilitating the development of the technology and improving its performance. In addition to better performance of the module, there is an evident improvement in its appearance, with a much more aesthetic and homogeneous design.

Product Details


N-type ABC
up to 23,8%
Number of cells
2278x1134x35 mm
28,2 kg
Product warranty
15 years
Performance warranty
30 years