SHRT Sungrow SH8.0RT
SHRT Sungrow SH8.0RT
SHRT Sungrow SH8.0RT
SHRT Sungrow SH8.0RT

SHRT Sungrow SH8.0RT


The Sungrow inverter is a great option for those looking for a residential three-phase hybrid inverter. With power ranging from 5kW to 10kW, this inverter is lightweight and compact, making it easy to install. In addition, it allows parallel connection, which increases its versatility. With startup via smartphone, installation is very simple. Online monitoring of the Sungrow inverter is also a great advantage, as it allows you to monitor the performance of the inverter at all times. Lastly, with its IP65 rating, this inverter is weather resistant and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Why choose Sungrow?

Sungrow is a global leader in renewable energy technology and photovoltaic inverter solutions provider. The company offers a wide range of products, from residential solar inverters to energy storage systems and large solar park solutions. The company has a strong global presence and has installed more than 340 GW of renewable energy worldwide. With a continued dedication to technological excellence and a commitment to sustainability, Sungrow is leading the way toward a greener future.

How to achieve energy independence with the Sungrow three-phase inverter?

To achieve energy independence with the Sungrow three-phase inverter, it is necessary to use solar panels to generate renewable energy. Being designed for the home, this inverter can be connected to a storage battery, allowing excess energy generated during the day to be stored for use at times of lower solar production. With online monitoring, it is possible to monitor power consumption and battery status. In addition, parallel connection allows you to add more solar panels and increase energy production. With the Sungrow inverter, energy independence can be achieved and energy costs significantly reduced in the long term.

Product Details


460X540X170 mm
27 kg
Product warranty
10 years
Nº of MPPTs/strings
Start output voltage
Tipo de inversor

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