X3 Hybrid Solax Hybrid 12.0 G4 + PW3.0

X3 Hybrid Solax Hybrid 12.0 G4 + PW3.0

SLX X3-HYB-12.0-D-ESS-G4 + PW3.0
The Solax X3 Hybrid inverter is the perfect solution for commercial installations. This hybrid on-grid inverter offers a power that ranges between 5.0kW and 15kW, making it ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. In addition, its IP65 protection rating makes it resistant to extreme environmental conditions. One of the great advantages of the Solax inverter is its ability to be installed in parallel, which allows several units to work together, reaching up to 100kW. Finally, its remote control capacity makes it easy to manage and supervise the installation at all times.
Why choose Solax Power?

Solax Power is a leading company in the photovoltaic solar energy market, specialized in the manufacture and sale of high quality solar inverters. Solax Power has developed a wide range of innovative solar energy products, such as residential and commercial solar inverters, energy storage and monitoring solutions. The company is dedicated to providing clean, efficient and cost-effective solar energy solutions to meet the energy needs of customers around the world.

Which hybrid solar inverter is suitable for my system?

It is important to consider battery charging capacity, inverter power, compatibility with solar panels, and integration with the existing electrical system when choosing a solar inverter.

Product Details


503x503x199 mm
30 kg
Product warranty
5 years
Nº of MPPTs/strings
2 (2/1)
Start output voltage
Tipo de inversor

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