X1 Mini Solax Mini 2.5 G4 + PW3.0

    X1 Mini Solax Mini 2.5 G4 + PW3.0

    SLX MINI 2.5 G4 + PW3.0

    The Solax Mini inverter is an excellent option for small solar photovoltaic installations. This single-phase inverter stands out for its efficiency of up to 98%. In addition, its compact design and light weight of only 6 kg make it easy to install and transport. Its IP66 rating allows it to be installed outdoors. In short, the Solax Mini is an efficient and practical solution for those looking for a simple way to generate renewable energy.

    Why choose Solax Power?

    SolaX Power is a leading global provider of smart solar energy solutions. Founded in 2012, the company specializes in the design and production of innovative solar power solutions. With a focus on product quality, innovation and sustainability, SolaX Power has become a trusted partner for homes and businesses looking to adopt clean, renewable energy solutions.

    Is the X1 Mini suitable for my photovoltaic installation?

    The X1 Mini inverter is ideal for self-consumption photovoltaic systems. Due to its compact design and high efficiency, it is perfect for small installations. In addition, Solax Power inverters have the Solax Cloud system that allows remote monitoring of the system.

    Product Details


    297×206×120 mm
    8,3 kg
    Product warranty
    10 years
    Nº of MPPTs/strings
    Start output voltage
    Tipo de inversor

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