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    SBR Battery Sungrow SBR096|128|160|192|224|256

    SBR 3.2 kWh

    Sungrow's SBR battery is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable and easy-to-use energy storage solution. With its LiFePO4 battery and capacity to support 3 to 8 modules per unit, it is capable of delivering a maximum power of 4 units in parallel. In addition, its plug and play connection makes it very easy to install and use. Additionally, its compact, lightweight design allows for easy portability and its continuous charge and discharge current capability of up to 30A makes it ideal for a wide range of renewable energy applications.

    Why choose Sungrow?

    The Sungrow brand has stood out in the market for its commitment to innovation and the quality of its products. Its wide range of inverters, batteries and other components for photovoltaic systems offer great energy efficiency and excellent durability, making them ideal for a variety of applications. From residential to commercial equipment for photovoltaic plants, Sungrow offers a wide range of solutions for all solar energy projects.

    What factors affect battery performance in photovoltaic systems?

    Battery performance in photovoltaic systems can be affected by several factors, such as operating temperature, discharge rate, and charge and discharge frequency. Additionally, the choice of battery technology can affect its performance. For example, lead-acid batteries are less efficient than lithium-ion batteries, but they are more economical. It is important to consider these factors when choosing a battery for a photovoltaic system.

    Product Details


    114 kg
    Product warranty
    10 years
    Accumulated energy
    9,6kWh - 25,6kWh
    Nominal voltage
    192V - 512V

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