Data Hub SLX DataHub1000

Data Hub SLX DataHub1000

SLX DataHub1000

The Datahub is an essential monitoring device for solar installations with multiple inverters. This device allows local and remote monitoring, configuration and improvement of multiple inverters in a simple and efficient way. Additionally, the Datahub has advanced features such as intelligent export control and DRM control of multiple inverters. It also has a large data storage capacity and supports the IEC104 protocol, making it compatible with most inverters on the market. With the Datahub, solar installation owners can be sure that their system is operating optimally and with full control.

Why choose Solax Power?

Solax Power is a leading company in the photovoltaic solar energy market, specialized in the manufacture and sale of high quality solar inverters. Solax Power has developed a wide range of innovative solar energy products, such as residential and commercial solar inverters, energy storage and monitoring solutions. The company is dedicated to providing clean, efficient and cost-effective solar energy solutions to meet the energy needs of customers around the world.

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205x124x33 mm
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