Hiku6 CS6R-400MS

Hiku6 CS6R-400MS

Hiku6 solar modules are perfect for self-consumption projects due to their dimensions, reliability and design. This model has M10 (182mm) monocrystalline cells and uses PERC technology to provide an efficiency of up to 20.7%. Additionally, it offers a 12-year product warranty and a 25-year production warranty. Its degradation is minimal, less than 2% in the first year and only 0.55% in the following years. Canadian Solar is a safe and reliable choice for your solar system.
Why choose Canadian Solar?

If you are looking for reliable and long-lasting solar energy, Canadian Solar is the perfect choice for you! This leading solar energy company manufactures solar panels and clean energy solutions for homes and businesses. With a global presence in more than 150 countries, Canadian Solar is a brand recognized for its quality and reliability around the world. Since 2018, we have been official distributors of the brand, which allows us to offer our customers the best stock availability and prices on Canadian Solar solar panels.

Do you lose efficiency in All Black modules compared to the others?

As with any type of solar panel, all black solar modules can lose efficiency over time due to the natural degradation of the silicon cells.

Product Details


Monocrystalline PERC All Black
up to 20,7%
Number of cells
1722x1134x30 mm
21,3 kg
Product warranty
12 years
Performance warranty
25 years