TOPHiku6 CS6R-435T

TOPHiku6 CS6R-435T

The TOPHiku6, N-type solar panel with TOPCon technology, offers market-leading efficiency, with a power degradation rate of less than 1% in the first year (no initial degradation by LID or LETID) and maximum degradation annual after the first year of exposure, less than 0.4%. Additionally, this panel comes with a 12-year product warranty and a 30-year production warranty, ensuring its high quality and durability. With up to 22.3% efficiency, these solar panels are an ideal choice for reducing your energy bill and carbon footprint, all while enjoying the peace of mind of a solid warranty and cutting-edge technology.
Why choose Canadian Solar?

Canadian Solar is one of the leading companies in the solar industry, and its panels are renowned for their quality and reliability. They have passed rigorous quality tests and meet the strictest international standards.

What is TOPCon technology?

TopCon (Tunnel Oxide Passivated Contact) technology in solar panels is an innovative solar cell design that allows greater efficiency and performance compared to traditional solar panels and P-type cells. It is the natural technological development of the technology, improving the performance of the PERC type passivation. With this technology, an ultra-thin layer of silicon dioxide is created on the deepest surface of the photovoltaic cell, reducing energy loss and increasing efficiency in capturing long-wavelength sunlight. Additionally, the geometry of the electrical charge-collecting electrical contacts in the cell minimizes energy loss, resulting in greater solar energy production. In summary, TopCon technology is a significant improvement in solar cell design because: it does not feature LID or LETID; Less power loss due to temperature and better use of sunlight.

Product Details


up to 22,3%
Number of cells
1722x1134x30 mm
21,3 kg
Product warranty
12 years
Performance warranty
30 years