NB-JD Series NB-JD545

NB-JD Series NB-JD545

The Sharp NB-JD 540-550 solar panel is a stylish and efficient option for renewable energy generation. Its bifacial design allows for additional power gain at the rear, improving its energy efficiency. In addition, this module offers improved conditions in shady situations, maximizing power generation. With an efficiency of up to 21.3%, the Sharp solar panel also has an all black option. In addition, it has a 15-year product guarantee and a 30-year production guarantee, offering a reliable and lasting investment in clean energy.
Why choose Sharp?

Sharp Solar is a world leader in the manufacture of high quality solar panels. For more than 60 years, Sharp has been at the forefront of solar energy technology, developing innovative solutions to meet the world's energy needs. With a wide range of products including residential, commercial and industrial solar panels, Sharp Solar is committed to bringing renewable energy to everyone. In addition, Sharp Solar offers an industry-leading warranty on its products, providing peace of mind and security for its customers. With Sharp Solar, you can be sure you're investing in clean, sustainable energy for the future.

Sharp is a Tier 1 company

A Tier 1 company in the solar energy industry refers to a manufacturer of solar panels with a proven track record of consistent, high-quality production and sales. Tier 1 companies are industry leaders and generally have a significant global presence. To be considered a Tier 1 company, the company must meet certain criteria, such as having a strong balance sheet and a reliable supply chain. Additionally, Tier 1 companies typically offer superior product warranties and customer service. Selecting a solar panel from a Tier 1 company can provide security and confidence to consumers regarding the quality and durability of the product.

Product Details


Monocrystalline PERC
up to 21,3%
Number of cells
2278×1134×30 mm
32,5 kg
Product warranty
15 years
Performance warranty
30 years