Tiger Neo N-type JKM565N-72HL4-BDV

Tiger Neo N-type JKM565N-72HL4-BDV


The Tiger Neo solar panel from Jinko Solar is a bifacial module with dual glass technology that offers a maximum power of 580W. Its N-type monocrystalline M10 cell (182mm) and SMulti Busbar technology improve electrical charge collection, increasing energy production. In addition, being bifacial, it can also generate power from the back of the panel. With these features, Jinko Solar's Tiger Neo panel is an excellent option for large-scale solar projects seeking to maximize energy efficiency.

Why choose Jinko Solar?

Jinko Solar has been recognized as a top solar panel brand by independent third parties, including Bloomberg New Energy Finance and Forbes Magazine. Additionally, Jinko Solar solar panels have high efficiency in converting solar energy into electricity, which means you can get more energy from your PV system.

What is the advantage of double glass (dual glass) in Jinko Solar's bifacial panels?

The advantage of having double glass in Jinko Solar bifacial panels is that it increases the efficiency of solar energy conversion, since the rear glass reflects light that has not been absorbed by the cell and redirects it back to the solar cell. This means that the panel can generate electricity on both the front and the back, increasing its production capacity and taking advantage of the sunlight available on both sides of the panel. In addition, the double glass also improves durability and resistance to adverse weather conditions.

Product Details


N-type Monocrystalline
up to 22,45%
Number of cells
2278×1134×30 mm
32 kg
Product warranty
12 years
Performance warranty
30 years