Tiger Neo N-type JKM630N-78HL4-V

Tiger Neo N-type JKM630N-78HL4-V

This Tiger Neo solar panel from Jinko Solar is a powerful and efficient option, it has a power of up to 630W and an efficiency of 22.54%. Its monocrystalline N-type cell technology guarantees high efficiency and long-term reliability. It is ideal for large commercial installations. This panel is an excellent option for those looking to maximize solar photovoltaic energy production.
Why choose Jinko Solar?

Jinko Solar is a world leader in the manufacture of high-quality and efficient solar panels, offering energy solutions globally. With more than 130GW distributed in more than 160 countries, Jinko Solar is an innovative company focused on the development of solutions for the photovoltaic market. Additionally, we are proud to be an official distributor of the Jinko Solar brand, allowing us to offer our customers access to high-quality products and exceptional support service.

Are Jinko Solar solar panels right for my home or business?

Jinko Solar solar panels are an excellent option for any home or business that is interested in investing in a clean and sustainable energy source. With a wide range of solar panel options, including the popular Tiger Neo, Jinko Solar solar panels offer efficiency, reliability and an exceptional warranty. In addition, its monocrystalline N-type technology ensures greater efficiency and less degradation over time. In short, Jinko Solar solar panels are a great choice for anyone interested in saving money and making a positive contribution to the environment.

Product Details


N-type Monocrystalline
up to 22,54%
Number of cells
2465×1134×35 mm
30,6 kg
Product warranty
12 years
Performance warranty
30 years