SGRS-S Sungrow SG2.0RS-S
SGRS-S Sungrow SG2.0RS-S
SGRS-S Sungrow SG2.0RS-S
SGRS-S Sungrow SG2.0RS-S
SGRS-S Sungrow SG2.0RS-S
SGRS-S Sungrow SG2.0RS-S

SGRS-S Sungrow SG2.0RS-S

SG2.0RS-S V11

The Sungrow SGRS-S inverter, single-phase grid-connected, is the ideal choice for residential self-consumption installations. With a maximum efficiency of 98%, it guarantees high performance and optimal energy generation. Monitoring the installation is very simple thanks to the iSolarCloud app, which allows remote access and data updating every 10 seconds. In addition, its IP65 protection rating makes it resistant to extreme environmental conditions. With the Sungrow inverter, homeowners can be assured of a high-quality and efficient solar energy system at all times.

Why choose Sungrow?

Sungrow Power Supply Co. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of solar inverters and energy storage systems. Founded in 1997, the company is dedicated to providing clean, renewable energy solutions for homes, businesses and communities around the world. With a wide range of products and services, Sungrow has become a benchmark in the solar energy industry, offering high-quality, efficient and profitable products. The company is committed to providing clean and sustainable energy solutions to make the world a greener, more livable place.

Can I control my Sungrow solar inverter from my mobile phone?

Yes, through the iSolarCloud app, which is Sungrow's solution for monitoring photovoltaic installations. The application offers centralized management, with analysis and fault reports in real time. Access to data is flexible, being possible through the Sungrow website and the app. iSolarCloud is an ideal tool to get the most out of your photovoltaic installation.

Product Details


320X225X120 mm
6 kg
Product warranty
10 years
Nº of MPPTs/strings
Start output voltage
Tipo de inversor

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