X3 Mega Solax Mega 60.0 G2 + PW3.0

    X3 Mega Solax Mega 60.0 G2 + PW3.0

    SLX MEGA 60.0 G2 + PW3.0

    The Solax Power three-phase inverter is the perfect choice for commercial installations looking for a highly efficient option. With a maximum efficiency of 98.4%, this inverter guarantees optimal energy production. Its flexibility allows up to 6 MPPTs and 2 strings per MPPT, adapting to different needs. Available in 40kW, 50kW and 60kW, this inverter offers a complete and versatile solution for solar energy projects. With a focus on innovation and quality, Solax Power stands out in the market as a leading company in the manufacturing of high efficiency and performance inverters.

    Why choose Solax Power?

    Solax Power is a reliable company due to its commitment to innovation, quality and sustainability in the solar energy sector. With extensive experience in the market, Solax Power has earned the trust of its customers thanks to its high quality products, energy efficiency and accurate online monitoring through Solax Cloud. Furthermore, its commitment to sustainability and the environment make it a responsible company and aware of its impact on society.

    How does the starting voltage of the inverter influence the production of electrical energy?

    The starting voltage of the inverter is important in the production of electrical energy because it influences the efficiency of the solar energy system. The start-up voltage is the minimum voltage necessary for the inverter to start operating and producing electrical energy. If the start voltage is too high, a greater amount of energy will be required to start production and energy could be lost in the process. Therefore, it is important to choose an inverter with a suitable starting voltage to optimize solar energy production.

    Product Details


    630X521X286 mm
    45,5 kg
    Product warranty
    5 years
    Nº of MPPTs/strings
    Start output voltage
    Tipo de inversor

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