Triple Power 5.8 Battery Solax Triple...

Triple Power 5.8 Battery Solax Triple Power 5.8


The Solax battery is an excellent option for solar energy storage thanks to its lithium ion iron phosphate (LiFePO4) technology that provides a useful life of more than 6000 cycles and a 10-year warranty. The configuration of 4 batteries is available without the need for any additional device, accumulating a total of 23.2kWh. With the additional device the BMS Parallel Box is capable of storing up to 8 batteries with 26.4kWh. Its installation is quick and simple, and it can be installed both on the floor and on the wall. In addition, it has RS485 and CAN 2.0 connections for easy integration with other power systems. With the Solax battery, you can enjoy the peace of mind of having clean, renewable energy always available.

Why choose Solax Power?

Solax Power is an excellent option for those looking for high-quality, technologically advanced renewable energy solutions. With years of experience in the market, Solax offers a wide range of products, from inverters and batteries to smart energy management solutions. By choosing Solax Power, you can be sure that you are getting high-quality, reliable and efficient power solutions for your needs.

Is it better to install the batteries on the floor or on the wall?

The decision to install batteries on the floor or on the wall will depend on the available space and the specific needs of each installation. In general, in-ground batteries are easier to install and maintain. However, in-wall batteries can save valuable space in installations where space is limited. Additionally, in-wall batteries can be more aesthetically pleasing and less intrusive than in-ground batteries. Ultimately, the choice depends on the specific configuration of each installation and the preferences of the owner.

Product Details


72,2 kg
Product warranty
10 years
Accumulated energy
Nominal voltage
RS485 and CAN 2.0
Cycle Life
6000 cycles

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