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Triple Power 3.0 Battery Solax Triple Power 3.0|6.0|9.0|12

SLX T-BAT 3.0 - HV10230

The Triple Power 3.0 battery, with LiFePO4 technology, is capable of offering more than 6,000 charge and discharge cycles. The BMS integrated into the battery manages its useful life and conditions the charge/discharge regimes. The configuration of 4 batteries is available without the need for any additional device, accumulating a total of 12kWh. Additionally, its RS485 and CAN communication interface allows for easy integration with other solar energy system components. Its modular design facilitates installation on both walls and floors, and its IP65 protection level makes it resistant to weather and environmental conditions. The Triple Power 3.0 battery is a storage solution that integrates perfectly with Solax hybrid inverters.

Why choose Solax Power?

SolaX Power has distinguished itself with its focus on product quality, innovation and sustainability, making it a trusted partner for homes and businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint. SolaX Power is recognized for its ability to design and produce innovative solar energy solutions that deliver efficiency, reliability and durability. With its commitment to excellence and sustainability, SolaX Power has become the number one choice for those looking to adopt clean and renewable energy solutions.

Why choose LiFePO4?

There are several reasons why lithium-ion batteries with LiFePO4 technology are an excellent option for renewable energy storage. Firstly, these batteries are highly safe and stable as they are less likely to overheat and explode. In addition, they have a long useful life, supporting a large number of charge and discharge cycles, which makes them a long-term investment. LiFePO batteries are also highly efficient and do not contain heavy metals or toxic substances. In short, choosing LiFePO batteries is a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly option for renewable energy storage.

Product Details


34,5 kg
Product warranty
10 years
Accumulated energy
Nominal voltage
RS485 and CAN
Cycle Life
6000 cycles

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