We are official distributors of Canadian Solar products since 2017. With extensive experience in the sector, we have reached second position in the ranking of European distributors, with a figure of more than 190MW.

Leader in the photovoltaic solar energy sector

Founded in 2001, Canadian Solar is a Tier 1 brand and leader in the solar photovoltaic and energy storage sector. manufacturer of photovoltaic modules, batteries and residential and industrial inverters.

More than 110GW of distributed solar panels.

More than 26 production centers in Asia and the Americas.

Presence in 23 countries.

EP Cube

The EP Cube is Canadian Solar's new all-in-one energy storage solution. It is a very versatile piece of equipment, it already has a 7.5kw single-phase inverter and storage capacity in increments of 3.3 kWh. All modules are Plug and Play, facilitating installation and reducing material costs.

Smart monitoring.

3 operating modes.

IP65 protection.

Elegant and modern design.

Perfect for residential installations.

Why choose Canadian Solar?

Canadian Solar is one of the most relevant manufacturers in the photovoltaic sector. Since 2001, it has distributed more than 82GW of solar panels in more than 160 countries, which corresponds to approximately the energy demand of 17.7 million homes. Since 2017 we have been official distributors of Canadian Solar. Contact us for a quote tailored to your needs.

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